Oct 21, 2008

Cambridge Certificates Oct 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to all students who have passed and received their Cambridge Certificates.

Sexta, 17 de outubro, alunos receberam seus certificados internacionais (PET ou FCE) durante um happy hour. Pais, alunos e familiares estiveram presentes.

Check out the pictures.

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Dennis said...

Oí, Aninha and students.

My heartiest Parabéns! to those who recently achieved something wonderful: receiving a score which qualified them for a Cambridge Certificate!

I greatly admire those who have arrived at this important milestone. It's difficult enough to achieve a high score on an internationally recognized exam when it's in one's native language, but it's a much more daunting challenge to do well in a language which has been learned. I'm tremendously impressed that all you with new Cambridge Certificates were able to do this! Kudos!

I also enjoyed the photos taken at the celebratory party. Aninha, you're amazing!

My very best wishes to all—

Dennis in Phoenix
(an online friend and colleague of Aninha)