Oct 25, 2008

HALLOWEEN Cultura Inglesa 2008

Mais uma vez, o Halloween da Cultura Inglesa Uberlândia foi UM SUCESSO!!!!!

Tivemos duas festas no dia 24 de Outubro:

No início da noite tivemos uma festa/gincana para crianças com muitas brincadeiras, prêmios, apresentação do drama club e música.

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Logo após, foi a festa para nossos alunos adolescentes.

Desta vez, o local escolhido foi o Center Convention, onde os alunos puderam encontrar seus amigos, professores e dançar muito!
Confira a animação nas fotos abaixo:


Dennis said...

Oí, Ana María and students.

What wonderful slide shows! I really enjoyed them!

Hallowe'en is a fascinating holiday, isn't it? The meaning and customs associated with Hallowe'en have also changed a lot since it was brought to the "New World."

Have a frightfully fun Hallowe'en!

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...

Oí, Aninha and students.

Yesterday was Hallowe'en, and last night children in Phoenix went trick-or-treating. When we first moved to our house, we received trick-or-treaters, but we soon stopped doing that because we had too many children who were not from our neighborhood OR who had no masks or costumes but still wanted a treat. Eventually, as more children moved into the neighborhood, we started our own custom: we bought plastic jack-o-lanterns and filled them with healthy treats, then delivered them to our closest neighbors just before dark. After that, we made sure that the lights in front of the house were not on (a signal that we were not accepting trick-or-treaters) and locked the front door.

That's what we did last night.

I lined three plastic jack-o-lanterns with orange and yellow tissue paper and filled them mostly with healthy treats (apples, mandarin oranges, boxes of fruit juice, fruit roll-ups, cereal squares), Halowe'en pencils, and a few pieces of chocolate and peanut butter candy.

It felt good to visit the neighbors and chat a little bit, and the kids seemed pleased to get their special treats. I even got to see two of the kids in their costumes: the little boy (Ty) wore a Spiderman costume and his sister (Amanda) was dressed as a princess.

I also saw some kids in costumes at the grocery store.

There were very few Hallowe'en decorations in our part of town.

Dennis in Phoenix